Q. What are the items for the design that can be submitted?

Designer shall provide styble with the designs for the Products (including but not limited to handbags, clothes, fabrics and interior accessories)


Q. Is there a file format required for the design to be submitted?

Any form is fine as long as you can express your ideas visually.


Q. What are the benefits of submitting a design?

Design Team of styble shall use a reliable manufacturer to manufacture the Products (“Collabo Products”) based on the technical drawings (or the Designer’s artwork) provided by Designer  hereunder. After launching, Designers will receive royalty equal to 5% of the supply price of the Collabo Products sold.


Q. When can I get design royalties?

Styble shall send a royalty statement to Designer for review and approval within 30 days after the end of each quarter ending March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each year, and shall pay the royalty.


Q. Who determines pricing?

The selling price of your product is determined in exactly the same way we price all of our products on STYBLE.COM. Your product gets sampled and quoted by our supplier which determines the sales price.


Q. What are your main sales channels?

The launched Collabo Products may be sold through other platforms in addition to the website of Madetren, which shall also be subject to the royalty payable to Designer.


Q. Is there a deadline for submitting designs?

Design submissions are ongoing and you can submit your idea at anytime. There’s no deadline.


Q. How many products can I enter?

As many as you like!


Q. What’s the timescale of the whole process, once I’ve submitted my design?

here’s a timeline of what to expect once you’ve submitted.


  1. Sample submission
    Submit your design from anywhere in the world.
  2. Team discussion
    Select the design to launch.
  3. Prototype & Content
    Prototype and content creation for marketing.
  4. Product Launching
    Product launching on styble.
  5. Offers 5% of revenue
    Designer gets 5% of the entire revenue.


Q. What happens when my design is finally selected?

We will contact you when your design is finally selected (so make sure your email address is entered correctly!). We’ll ask you to sign a contract and submit technical drawings for your piece at this stage. From there, your product will move on to the sample stage where we’ll ask a trusted supplier to create a prototype. This will then be photographed and added to the site for potential customers to back.
Even if the design is not selected, we will give you an answer, and all the designs and the related materials shall be immediately destroyed.


Q. What if my design is used without permission?

When Collabo products are ready for commercial distribution, Madetren submits applications for design rights and other intellectual property rights to protect the design from unauthorized use. Design rights and other intellectual property rights are registered under the designer’s name, and Madetren is granted exclusive use rights for the registered design.
*Madetren shall use best endeavors for the successful Products development and success of Designer, and Designer shall use best endeavors for the success of the Collabo Products manufactured by Madetren.

What items can I submit my design to?

_ Currently, we are producing fashion accessories such as interior accessories, accessories, handbags, and shoes. In the future, we plan to expand the categories by finding more productions and hiring professional directors in each field.


Is there a specific format for the design to be uploaded?

_ Any format is fine as long as you can visually express your ideas, such as sketches and illustration.


What are the benefits of submitting design?

_ Designs selected by the Stable design team will be produced through a verified production line with professional design directors, and contents will be planned and produced to effectively convey the value of the work. Designers are given the opportunity to promote their brand and receive 5% of their sales as royalties.


When do I get paid??

_ Designers receive 5% of the product’s net selling price as royalties, which are transferred to the designer’s account within 30 days of the end of each quarter. (Styble is currently developing a screen that allows designers to directly check their product sales on our website)


Who is your sales target?

_ Consumers who can sympathize with the designer’s work and the lifestyle pursued by Stable, and those who want to pursue their own style.


Who determines the product price?

_ The price for the design is determined by the Styble team, considering production costs, market research, etc.


What are your main sales channels?

_ Launched products will be mainly sold on the Styble homepage, but in some cases, if sold on other platforms, Styble will notify the designer. Profits sold through other platforms will be also included in the royalty settlement.


Is there a deadline for submitting designs?

_ No, there is no deadline for recruitment. Stable is always open.


Is there a limit on the number of designs I can upload?

_ No, you can submit as much as you can if they are different designs.


How do I know the result?

_ We will contact you by email within 2 weeks of submitting your design. Even though the design is not selected, we will send you an answer. designs that are not selected will be disposed of within one month. (Stable does not store designs separately)


What if the provided design is stolen?

_ In order to prevent designs, Styble proceeds with patent registration after completing the production of the product prototype. At this time, the design patent is registered in the name of the designer who provided the idea, and the exclusive license (copyright) is registered in the Styble.


What if the provided design turns out to be plagiarism?

_ If a design later provided to Styble is found to be plagiarized, the responsibility for this lies with the designer, the designer contributor. In the event of financial damage, such as legal action, Styble may claim damages from the designer.