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7+ Best FAQ Plugins for WordPress [Free & Paid]

Are you looking for the best FAQ plugins for WordPress? 

A comprehensive FAQ section answers visitors’ common questions regarding your products, services, and policies. Consequently, customers get more explicit information and feel more confident in their purchases.  

In this blog, I’ll share more than seven of the best FAQ plugins for WordPress that you can use to create an aesthetic and interactive FAQ section in minutes with no code. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Best FAQ plugins for WordPress

1. Easy Accordion 

Best FAQ plugin for WordPress

Easy Accordion is the best FAQ plugin for WordPress. It is the most powerful yet easy-to-use WordPress FAQ accordion plugin. It offers a wide range of robust features to make your FAQs more aesthetic and interactive. Moreover, Easy Accordion enables you to effortlessly craft both vertical and horizontal accordion layouts for your FAQs and beyond. 

Key features: 

  • 16+ Beautiful and mobile-ready themes.
  • 2 Layouts. (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Multi-level or nested FAQ accordion.
  • FAQs for WooCommerce product pages.
  • 14+ expand & collapse Icons.
  • 25+ smooth animation & effects.
  • Advanced typography, including 1000+ Google fonts.
  • Custom color for FAQ title and content backgrounds. 
  • Supports HTML, shortcodes, Images, YouTube, audio, etc.
  • FontAwesome icons
  • Unlimited color and styling options
  • Multilingual & RTL ready.
  • Widget supported
  • Multi-site supported 
  • Lifetime support & automatic updates.

And many more options.

2. Styble

Styble Gutenberg block bundle plugin: best FAQ plugin for WordPress
Gutenberg block bundle plugin: Styble

Styble is an all-in-one block bundle plugin for WordPress Gutenberg Editor. It comes with a lot of powerful blocks that help you build super fast and modern websites easier and faster than ever. It also includes a powerful accordion block that allows you to create beautiful FAQs right in the WordPress default editor without hassle. Moreover, its FAQ block offers a wide range of customizations that enable you to make your FAQs exactly how you like. 

Key features:  

  • Custom default and hover color
  • Custom solid, gradient, and transparent color
  • Custom border, margin, and padding
  • Box Shadow
  • Hundreds of customizable expand and collapse icons
  • Higher interactivity with custom hover color 
  • Advanced typography   

3. Accordion FAQ

FAQ plugin banner

Accordion FAQ is one of the best FAQ plugins for WordPress. It enables you to create unlimited FAQ sections and pages. In addition, it allows you to choose between accordion or list style for FAQ display. Moreover, its custom template feature makes creating diverse FAQ sections faster and easier. Its support team will help you quickly if you struggle with any issue.  

Key features:

  • FAQs are responsive and mobile-friendly 
  • Limitless accordion anywhere in the theme
  • Draggable accordion items for easy sorting
  • Unlimited colour options
  • Bootstrap framework based
  • Less for quick customization
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Hide All Accordion on page load or display all
  • Gulp for instant workflow
  • Highly customizable for User Experience
  • Slick Frontend and backend UI
  • Multiple Advanced Custom Fields Available
  • All browser compatible

4. Ultimate FAQ

FAQ plugin for WordPress banner

Ultimate FAQ is a fantastic WordPress plugin for creating FAQs. It offers you many powerful features that enable you to design your FAQs how you want. Besides shortcodes, it offers you a Gutenberg block. So, no matter what page builder you are using. It enables you to create beautiful FAQs and publish them on your WordPress websites seamlessly. Most interestingly, its statistics feature shows you how often a FAQ has been visited. So you can track FAQ performances and revamp them if needed. 

Key features: 

  • Create unlimited FAQs
  • Easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks to publish your FAQs
  • FAQ shortcodes 
  • Responsive accordion layouts that fit any theme and device
  • FAQ schema structured data
  • Drag and drop ordering and sorting options
  • Group FAQ option
  • Translation ready (all strings localized and .pot file included)
  • Insert additional CSS to style your FAQ 

5. Helpie FAQ 

Helpie  banner

Helpie FAQ is a powerful WordPress FAQ plugin. It allows you to create, edit, and embed FAQs and accordions on your WordPress website effortlessly with no code. In addition, it will enable you to create doc pages easily. Moreover, it lets you choose between toggle or accordion styles for your FAQs. Besides a simple shortcode builder, it offers a user-friendly Gutenberg accordion block to create beautiful FAQs in the Gutenberg editor seamlessly. 

Key features: 

  • 100%responsive accordion/toggle
  • FAQ-Accordion block for Gutenberg editor
  • FAQ Schema
  • Simple FAQ Shortcode builder
  • FAQ for WooCommerce product pages
  • Add bulk FAQs
  • Drag & drop sorting
  • FAQ search-bar
  • FAQ Header and Body styling options
  • Elementor integration – FAQ widget
  • Adds URL attribute for FAQs

6. Quick and Easy FAQs

plugin banner

Quick and Easy FAQs is a wonderful WordPress FAQ plugin. This plugin makes it easy to create and display FAQs using custom post types, Gutenberg Blocks, or shortcodes. So, you can seamlessly add FAQs to your WordPress website with Gutenberg editor and any other page builders. Moreover, it offers many robust features that enable you to make beautiful FAQs without hassle. 

Key features:  

  • FAQ custom post type.
  • FAQs in list, accordion, or toggle.
  • Display FAQs in groups.
  • Order FAQs by title or date.
  • Huge customizations
  • Custom CSS 
  • Translation Ready 
  • RTL ( Right to Left Language )
  • Compatible with themes and plugins

7. WP responsive FAQ

FAQ banner

This plugin is meticulously tailored, responsive, and adaptable to enhance your FAQ section and address your customers’ queries effectively. Download, install, and effortlessly integrate it into your website to provide compelling reasons for your customers to stay a bit longer.

Key features:  

  • wp-faq with category
  • Simple shortcode
  • FAQs in accordion style
  • Add thumb image for FAQ
  • Easy configuration
  • FAQ Accordion effect
  • Compatible with any theme
  • CSS and JS file for FAQ customization
  • Also work with Gutenberg editor

Final words

The FAQ plugins I have discussed above are the best FAQ plugins for WordPress. You can try any of them to create beautiful and interactive FAQs on your WordPress websites. However, the wide range of features, 16+ ready responsive themes, ease of use, fast support, etc. set Easy Accordion apart from others.





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